We are a vegan high end streetwear brand based in Florence, Italy. Our mission is to design ethical luxury products for women and men which value aesthetics and craftsmanship as much as sustainability.

Adar is an acronym and means About designing abstract realities. A strong contradiction. Something abstract is often an idea, a concept not yet embodied. Sneakers made out of apples and bamboo...a few years ago that was unthinkable. We aim to materialize these ideas, be at the forefront of innovative fashion and continue to design abstract realities.

The Founders


Meet the Founders

Luca Matteo Manuzzi and Willy Anne Wijnja

We met each other in 2016 in the beautiful City of Firenze, Italy. At that time I was working as a Buying Assistant and Willy was finishing her Bachelor in Fashion Design. We both shared similar interests especially when it came to making the fashion industry more sustainable and cruelty-free.

I eventually went back to living in Zurich, Switzerland and working in the financial sector for a few years. Simultaneously I opened a sustainable online store that hosted seasonal events for brands and customers.

Willy successfully finished her Bachelor degree and worked for several internationally known fashion companies, while eventually ending up creating her own label.

Our paths meet once again in 2020 with the discovery of new vegan leather products. We were excited to see manufacturing companies catching up to the demand and investing in more sustainable and ethical materials.

We finally decided to create a vegan high end streetwear brand. With our mission to design ethical luxury products for women and men which value aesthetics and craftsmanship as much as sustainability.

We went to Italy knowing that we would need the right partners on our side to achieve our ambitious goals. Faith was on our side. We teamed up with several family owned manufacturers in Veneto and Tuscany and various italian suppliers of high quality materials. After more than 1 year of research, designs and manufacturing processes we are proud to present to you the result of our hard work. Adar’s first collection.

Innovative Material

Mabel Apple Leather

This premium vegan leather is created in Tuscany. The company uses the waste of the apple juice industry in Northern italy. The discarded pieces are firstly dried and then made into a paste.

Bamboo Fabric

This natural fabric is 100% made out of bamboo. One of the fastest growing plants on the planet.

Recycled Materials

Recycled Materials are materials that have been recovered or diverted from industry waste for the purpose of reuse. We use recycled Polyester, Latex and Rubber.

Deadstock Fabric

Deadstock fabrics are the leftover fabrics of companies who overestimated their needs. Around Tuscany there are a lot of european luxury houses that sell their deadstock fabric to stockists. We at ADAR rescue and use these high quality fabrics and turn them into amazing apparel and accessories.

Adar Engagement

We care deeply about animals, good working conditions and our beautiful planet. 

We love animals. All our used materials and products are vegan and will be: forever.

Adar sources and produces 100% in Italy. We work together with several family owned businesses in Tuscany and Veneto. We know them on a personal level and have had the pleasure of being in their factories many times. This allows us to ensure the highest quality of our products and ethical working conditions for everyone involved.

Our ambitions go beyond sustainable production and we want to give back to the planet. We teamed up with Lady Ripple, a Bee Conservation NGO in Florence, Italy. Together we donate 3 Euros from each product sold and adopt Bees with building Beehives in Tuscany.
To find out more about our amazing partner, visit their website www.ladyripple.com.

Contact us

Do you have any questions regarding a product, our brand or you simply want to chat?

Please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@adarbrand.com

We are looking forward to talking to you.